With a career that first flourished at the tender age of sixteen, Gary Holder is a design force to be reckoned with.  Self taught and uncompromising, he is blessed with the sort of natural talent and creative drive that turns heads and makes reputations.
Before jewellery design, there was fashion: Holder embarked on what would become a successful career in the ragtrade while simultaneously spending two years studying architectural technology. His early fashion designs stood out for their authoritative take on structure, form and dynamics - an approach that endures to this day in his jewellery.

An early collaboration with a designer cousin resulted in the Barnes/Holder label; the duo’s original, classically tailored suits were snapped up by stores in London’s Kings Road and Kensington High Street and were exported to Italy, France and Germany.
In 1994 Holder launched his own Yamback label, which he sold through outlets in the ever-hip Portobello and Camden Markets. Yamback’s popularity soon saw him trading under his own name, Gary Holder – a label rated by fashionistas and in constant demand at trade shows and by the Scandinavian, European and UK markets.

Holder’s first solo collection – 1996’s Velvet Underground – was acclaimed for both its singularity and sensual, body conscious aesthetic; Holder opened his first retail outlet in the iconic emporium Hyper-Hyper (later to become Hype-DF) soon after. Gary Holder subsequently became the label of choice for many a fashion stylist looking to dress music stars and sartorially savvy celebs.

Then there’s the music: Holder also happens to be a talented singer and songwriter. HHH HH  is unique and soulful performance style mirrors his strengths as a designer. Both have a powerful effect on the recipient.
Jewellery design is Holder’s ideal medium. Or rather, the jewellery that Holder designs is. Here are designs that are tactile, that warm-up and become one with the wearer. Designs that use precious and semi-precious stones - that vibrate, attune, and heal.

Gary Holder Jewellery, then, is an outlet for one man’s need to create things of beauty. As his loyal, longtime clients will testify, Holder’s style continues to evolve alongside the man and his music. But the principles underlying it remain the same.

By refusing to compromise his creative ideas, committing to quality and craftsmanship and fusing traditional values with contemporary design Holder is creating modern classics.


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