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Hematite Cube Coil Bracelet

Hematite Large Cube Coil Bracelet



Hematite Magnetic Coil Bracelet

Magnetic Coil Hematite Bracelet



Silver Snake Bracelet

Sterling Silver Heavy Snake Bracelet



Silver Flat Snake Bracelet

Sterling Silver Heavy Flat Snake Bracelet



Hematite Oval Coil Bracelet

Hematite & Silver Oval Coil Bracelet



Labradorite Silver Bracelet

Labradorite Offset Silver Bracelet



Hematite XLarge Cube Bracelet

Hematite Silver XLarge Cube Bracelet



Peridot Silver Bracelet

Peridot Silver Bracelet



Silver Drops Bracelet

Solid Sterling Silver Drops Bracelet



Silver Heart Cluster Bracelet

Sterling Silver Heart Cluster Bracelet.



Hematite Multi Coil Bracelet

Hematite Multi Coil Bracelet



Silver Tassle Stick Bracelet

Sterling Silver Tassle Stick Bracelet



Hematite Tube Bead Coil Bracelet

Hematite Tube Bead Coil Bracelet



Leather Silver Tube Square Bracelet

Leather Silver Tube Square Bracelet



Silver Anker Bracelet

Sterling Silver Anker Ring Bracelet.



Silver Leaf Bracelet

Sterling Silver Leaf Chain Bracelet



Hematite Star Chain Bracelet

Hematite Star Silver Chain Bracelet



Silver Bangle

Highly Polished Sterling Silver Bangle



Hematite Ball Bead Bracelet

Hematite Ball Bead Bracelet



Silver Wire Tube Bracelet

Solid Sterling Silver Wire Tube Bracelet



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